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By watching this video the

Life you save may be Your Own

Men, we see a physician for aches and pains, have you ever asked your doctor about having a Breast Exam?

No, we bet not, but consider the story of Bret Miller.

Bret had a lump behind his right nipple since he was 17 years old. It was thought to be hormonal and normal by his doctors because of his age and he was “a guy.”

He was told to “keep an eye on it.”

At age 24 during a routine physical, he asked his doctor about the lump. His doctor suggested a sonogram, then a mammogram (Ya, a mammogram!) and ultimately a biopsy. Bret was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer.

He had a mastectomy and underwent four months of chemotherapy.

Although male breast cancer is rare (1% of all breast cancers) it can happen to anyone regardless of age.

Be aware of your own body and report any change in the look or feel of the breast (chest area), or nipple discharge right away to your health care provider.

Be proactive and if necessary get a second opinion. Bret is currently cancer free and trying to spread the word about self-breast detection and awareness.

In this video you can learn the most current and up to date techniques for performing a Male Breast Self-Examination.

The model, Bret Miller in the video is instructed by a Licensed Health Care Provider Certified in Breast Self-Examination.

You can feel secure that you are taking the proper steps in your own breast health awareness and proper technique in examining your breasts by following the steps in this instructional video. Each time you examine your breasts, you will become more proficient.

Knowing how your breasts look and feel is the first step in being proactive in your own breast health care. If at any time you see or feel a change in your breasts, it is imperative that you contact your health care provider right away.

Please pass this video and web site on to all of your family and friends and discuss these lifesaving techniques for breast self-examination.

You might save a life!

– Colleen Johnson, RN, NP,CBPN-IC, CBEC